Playing Android Slots in the UK

One of the most popular ways to play real money slot machine games is with UK Android slots. These are real money UK Androids slots, which means that they are slot machine games that can be played on mobile devices that use the Android operating system. You bet with and can win real money in these games. You can either play them directly in the Internet browser or download Android apps for playing UK slots. Either way, you will get the full range of the UK Android slots.

The Diversity of UK Android Slots

There are many different kinds of Android slots. Some are basic fruit machine type of games. Some only have three reels and one pay line. Yet even these games are real money UK Android slots. You can win hefty sums if you get lucky when playing. Those who are a bit more adventurous should try some of the more sophisticated Android apps for playing UK slots. These UK Android slots are full of special features. Examples include wild images which can be substituted for any other image if it helps you win. Usually, when you win using one or more wilds, the amount you win is doubled or more. Then there are the scatter symbols. These do not need to appear on any pay line. If you see a certain minimum number, depending on the game, you win a prize outright and usually get free spins where the payouts are multiplied.

Bonus Games

Many slots games also have bonus games. These are games within the main game. Some are triggered randomly, others only open when you have reached a certain level. These are non-slot games within your slots game. You usually pick certain items, some of which contain extra prizes like free spins or cash payouts. Then there are the gamble feature games. In many UK Android slots, after a win you are given the chance to bet your payout one more time. Here is where you can double or even quadruple the amount of money that you just won. In a typical gamble feature, you must guess the colour or the suit of a playing card.

Great Themes

Many UK Android slots have great, amusing themes. They can be based on popular movies, books, or exotic destinations. The pictures and sound combine to present a unified theme that carries throughout the game. With so many real money UK Android slots to choose from, you are sure to find a game that you will enjoy.